Azurelise Chocolate Truffles

702 N. Boylan Ave., Raleigh, North Carolina

“These are not your typical prettified confections with icing squiggles and candied flowers on top, mind you. They’re truffles for the purist, unadorned squares of chocolate that let their flavor do the talking”. Gregg Cox, senior food critic and editor for Raleigh, North Carolina’s News & Observer newspaper.

18 piece box of chocolate truffles sold in Raleigh, North Carolina

Azurelise chocolate truffles are the creations of independent chocolate trufflemaker Reginald O. Savage who makes them in his one man downtown Raleigh, North Carolina shop. Savage uses imported gourmet Belgian chocolate to make the outer shells of his chocolate truffles. The shells are just thick enough to take a while to melt, allowing time to savor the taste of the luscious chocolate all by itself before it blends with the chocolate truffles' creamy smooth, intensely delicious fillings. The fillings come in 26 different flavors, all based on Savage's exclusive and inimitable recipes.

All Azurelise chocolate truffle ingredients are natural or organic.

Chocolate Truffle Assortments, Box Sizes and Pricing

9 piece box of chocolate truffles sold in Raleigh, North Carolina

Azurelise chocolate truffles are available in 9 piece ($15), 18 piece 2-layer ($28) and 30 piece 2-layer ($40) boxes. Customers design their own personalized assortments.

Azurelise Chocolate Shop is an Online Store

Azurelise makes choclate truffles only as it receives orders for them, and ships online orders or customers pick-up their orders at Azurelise Chocolate Truffle Factory pick-up center.

Online Order Pick-up

Please allow two (2) business days (M-F) - unless you request otherwise - for the preparation and pick-up of your order at Azurelise Chocolate Truffle Factory's new pick-up center, 702 N. Boylan Avenue, in Raleigh. As the street sign implies, you can park on 700 N. Boylan Avenue 7am-11pm: raleigh chocolate truffles by Azurelise Raleigh, North Carolina

Online Order Shipping

Azurelise ships chocolate truffle orders within two (2) business days (M-F) of receipt and will expedite shipping upon customer request. Shipping to one address for orders over $45 is free.

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Azurelise Chocolate Truffles